Hats for columns in gray or white cement decorative elements are very important, as they are inherently placed at the entrance of the property.
Therefore, the choice of the size of the columns and their hats should be proportional to that of the property reference.
As for the sills for the hats from the column choice of form and color must take into account the context. So it would be a good rule to avoid that the height of the article is greater than the base of the column, net of the tip.
Usually the finish hats for columns is essential, then smooth the bottom of the formwork, as the height of 2/3 feet off the ground any other finish would be most valuable evident.
For some years now we also propose the column in precast concrete, which requires only the presence of some iron bars recall at the base of the column. In this way it is possible in one day realize an input format by 4 columns and by their hats only with the help of a truck crane.