The cornice is an extremely decorative, so the choice of form can determine the aesthetic result of the whole facade.

The moldings can be of various types: “thrown” at work, polystyrene resin, fiber cement and concrete.

The cornices “thrown” at work fixing a mold made of polystyrene to the quota, then perform inside the pouring of concrete. A maturation reached the artifact will prove to be integral with the concrete slab and you can remove the mold.

The polystyrene moldings are applied to the wall by means of specific glues or possibly metal brackets if their weight makes it necessary. The surface exposed to the weather is covered by at least 3 mm. resin cement, this protection also allows the applicazzione paint.

This solution allows shutter speeds and being confined cornice place at a certain height, the eye does not perceive detail in finishing a little rough polystyrene resin.

The cement used in the manufacture of cement allows a high reduction in weight while retaining the mechanical properties compared to concrete. Very briefly fiber cement “GRC” is a mortar based on cement type “Portland 5.25″ and glass fiber alcaloresistenti. This mortar is not “casting” as concrete but rather sprayed at high pressure against the mold. This allows to obtain a very low porosity and a surface finish of the article without imperfections.