The concrete planters and marble chips can be either from the floor (see picture “FIO003 and FIO007″) and serve as railings.

Obviously the concrete planters placed on balconies or loggias can not have a serious weight too much on the floor below, which is why we try to limit its size, especially at depth.

The planters concrete proposals in this section were carried out in a traditional way, from the preparation of the mold to finish the outside. This is because most of the supply does not exceed 40/50 ml, then it is very easy to obtain a series of almost unlimited lengths starting from a reference section.

The concrete planters proposed here does not require special maintenance, given the low porosity of the cement and the resulting low level of moisture absorption.

At the base of each concrete planter are present at least two holes to allow the water leak inside should there be in excess.

The FIOO007 photo shows a beautiful example of gray concrete planter made by assembling multiple items, the finish is smooth with effect “bottom formwork.” Its own weight gives the necessary stability and its particular shape makes it comfortable as well as the bench.