The SCALE made concrete in this section, can only represent only a small part of the infinite variations that can only be obtained by varying the choice of color or shape. This is why I always recommend to make use of the expertise of architects or surveyors, who know how to interpret the client’s expectations reconciling them with the real potential of each solution.

The SCALE concrete can be divided into two groups, depending on whether you want the inside or outside of the property.
The SCALE indoor have a smooth walking surface in order to make easier and more effective cleaning. The finishes that can be expected are the following: a FUND CASSERO, POLISHED, POLISHED, BRUSHED, BLOWN OR ETCHED. Each of these finishes is obtained by means of mechanical machining or by application of external agents, but always for the hand of a person, therefore the final result can vary considerably depending on specific requests.
STAIRS Outdoor must ensure a certain degree of roughness of the floor according to their intended use. So we might have to trim the type ROLLER, SAND, BUSH, SOWED, smoothed or BRUSHED IN DEPTH . As for the height of the balustrades also the type of finish of a walking surface is regulated by specific laws and regulations.

A very appreciated in a concrete stairs is the interruption obtainable par the almost total lack of joints. A consideration should be made also on the longevity of the material. A Scale or a Pavement made of concrete deteriorate as all the other materials, depending on the use and the type of wear that are called to bear, with the difference that the cement is easily regenerable”, ie it can be reset to the state original with few and economic processes.